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Excitement and positivity

You are responsible for the energy you bring into any space. Your job is to be blah blah blah

Papers in order

Look, this is no fun. DMV, passport office, tax returns etc are literally the worst. But you know what's even worse? Not being able to go to Paris for a shoot with L'Oreal on a 24h notice.

Get ALL papers in order and maintain a good record.


Respecting Time

A normal photo shoot involves a makeup artist, hair stylist, stylist, producer, model(s) and photographer. Arriving 30min before call-time is expected of you.

Keeping deadline keeps the client happy and anxiety free. Understand that many moving parts can go into one post promotion - their website may be updated, extra staff brought in to deal with demand, promises made to investors.



Your Manager typically works between 7am-6pm to cover time zones. During this time she is very busy and interruptions can cause big delays or loosing track of a line of thinking. Rule of thumb is that every text message causes a 15-30min interruption.

Collect your thoughts and questions during the day and send in one list as an email instead of spreading it out. This obviously does not apply to emergencies.



Unless you are using a password manager like 1Password your accounts and emails are not safe. Do not underestimate how easy it is to get full access to all your content. Best case scenario you end up buying access back for thousands of dollars from a hacker. Worst case they get access to personal photos and bank details.

Every person we have worked with has been hacked in one way or another and it can be avoided. You are responsible for setting this up on your laptop and mobile phone.