Amanda Del Duca

Influencer Partnerships & Digital Content Production

Los Angeles, New York & Miami
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50 Social Media

Planned and executed 50+ campaigns for clients like L'Oreal, Missguided, REVOLVE & Material Girl

100 Digital

Represented over 100 digital influencers on Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat

35m gen Y & Z

The combined reach of influencers - primarily a Gen Y and Z audience

About Amanda

Amanda specializes in influencer partnerships and digital content production. After nearly two years as the Director of Kitten Agency, Amanda has executed over 50 social media campaigns and has represented over 100 digital influencers with a combined reach of over 35 million Gen Y and Z users.

Amanda’s unique skills in digital marketing connect her to the most active brands in digital content production and the most sought after influencers in the market. Her unique perspective of both client and talent needs make her strategies both efficient and effective.

I empower, motivate and mentor influencers, and  deliver social media marketing campaigns on time and on budget.


Working With Amanda


Looking to enhance your marketing strategy by collaborating with digital Influencers?  Amanda can work with your team to get the most out of these partnerships and guide your company through the process from start to finish.

Managing Digital Campaigns

Have questions around how to market your product or service on the largest digital channels like Snapchat and YouTube? Amanda has worked successfully with brands like L'Oreal, Missguided and Tommy Hilfiger to deliver campaigns on budget and on time.


Full service management for top tier talent. Amanda's hands-on holistic approach to influencer management is unique in the industry and she only works with a small select group of clients. Reach out to for more information.

Understand modern digital marketing

What do the changes in social media marketing mean for your product or service? Amanda can dissect your current digital footprint and help to structure and create your future digital and social marketing strategy.

Amanda Del Duca

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Los Angeles, New York & Miami
+1 (305) 965 9695